Richie Beirach

Richie Beirach

Steinway artist

Richie in NYC apartment July 1976. (Getty Images)

Having been an educator for most of his life, Richie has much to share. His knowledge and passion for music has given birth to numerous books, videos, and other educational pieces on a wide range of topics. His lifelong friends Randy Brecker and Dave Liebman said it best about Richie…

"Pay careful attention - this man knows what he is talking about."
Randy Brecker
"Richie is one of the great explainers of difficult concepts."
Liebman Head Shot
Dave Liebman

Teaching and Learning Jazz

From tradition to technology: A frank appraisal of jazz education

Within this book discover the 100-year evolution of jazz education, the makings for an effective teacher, the realities of a university education and how best to choose the right school, the technologies that are shaping the direction of jazz, the psychological process of learning a complex skill like music, a no-holds-barred review of the movie Whiplash, and the future Richie see for this music.

Three more books for playing and understanding jazz

Experience Richie’s unique style of teaching and conveying his knowledge of jazz in these three remarkable books.

Explore and share these free resources

Download these gems of Richie’s knowledge as PDFs transcribed and edited from private conversations. Each are free downloads as Richie’s contribution to the students and scholars of jazz. Mouse over each image to read the preview and download the piece.

What is special about Herbie? What allowed him to be great at such a young age while enjoying a lifetime of innovation and great music?

Read also about the advice Herbie once told a young Richie that stuck with him forever.


Reflecting on his 1978 ECM recording of The Snow Leopard with George Mraz and Jack DeJohnette, Richie guides you through that iconic recording and in the process, explains the dynamic of group improvisation that produces great music.


Richie provides a frank review of the movie and provides a contrasting view of what makes for a great teacher of jazz.

This is for both teachers and students of jazz who wish to gain the most from their educational experience.


Billy Strayhorn was an important influence on Richie's writing. 

Learn about Billy's life and some of his lesser-known music in this short insightful piece.


Not as many people recognize the true compositional talent of Dave Brubeck.

Richie uses what he believes are Brubeck's best three compositions and describes why they and Brubeck as a composer deserve greater attention. 


A detailed analysis of Bill Evans from Richie's personal reflections and his musical insights. 


On the 100 anniversary of Bird's birth, Richie reflects on what made Charlie Parker the great musician he was.


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The Music of Richie Beirach, Vol. 1

A published collection of nearly 40 of Richie’s compositions. Includes two versions for three tunes (“Broken Wing,” “Leaving” with Lyrics, and “Nitelake”), a selected discography, and a short explanation of each tune. Also included are select reproductions of Richie’s hand-written leadsheets as previewed below.

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